Pre-fabricated modular partitions

Tailored to your business’ requirements

A Monobloc partition system consists of modular components that allows for all configurations, it’s simple to erect and easy to move should you decide to relocate, or renovate.

Our range of Monobloc partitions is elegant, versatile and robust. Panels are pre-decorated in a choice of finishes, including: pure pvc vinyl, laminates, melamines or standard wall coverings. This enables the system to be appropriate for Productions areas, Executive Offices, Laboratories or Clean Rooms.

Installation is quick reducing down-time during install.
Although the system is simple in design and installation, the panels are capable of load-bearing and can support ceiling systems and lids to complete the build. The systems can be free standing, or are compatible to be adjoined to existing structures.

Monobloc Features

-High performance, Low maintenance

-Ideally suited to mezzanine floors

-Cable management facility within panels

-Matching wall lining panels available

-Framing details in PPC aluminium or lacquered hardwood

-Hardwood framed or gasket glazed windows

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